Productive Studying Techniques

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Study Music

Once I have settled down it is time to study productively.  I like to start of with my favorite study music.  According to Finerminds Team, “Alpha brain waves are present in deep relaxation and usually when the eyes are closed, when you’re slipping into a lovely daydream or during light meditation. Sound between 7.5 and 14Hz aid in “imagination, visualization, memory, learning and concentration.”

With my music playing softly in my headphones, I begin to doodle with both hands, sometimes at the same time, and other times I may only doodle on hand at a time.  I have not noticed a difference in my grades based on using two hands simultaneously verses one at  a time..  I was taught  to doodle with the opposite hand as the  need to concentrate arises.  For me doodling with my right hand allows me concentrate on linear concepts while, doodling with my left opens my right-brain.

Next, I will organize my efforts by chronological due dates.  I prefer using color-coded binder dividers, an beginning each assignment with my name, class, assignment title, and the due date.  I find this helps me stay on task as deadlines approach.  By organizing my thoughts and materials, i am able to plan an implement my study time requirements more quickly.

When I am studying, I find I must encounter the material three times to really get a grasp of the concepts. I read the chapter before going to class for the lecture, read it again after the lecture as I am completing the assignments and read it again as I study for the exam. Many times the material is really tough to understand, so I use the book more as a reference tool as I complete the homework assignments.

I love to use flashcards as study tools!  The act of making a flash card and physical flipping through them stimulates my kinesthetic needs.  The visual aspects of my learning styles are met by looking and studying the characters, words and symbols written on the cards.  I like to read them aloud, which completes my learning system needs.  To save time when I am studying and completing  assignments, I write little notes to myself for exam preparation.  I will also write down or circle any problem I was unable to solve withing a timely manner then I return to it when I can.  I would rather earn full points an the majority of an assignment then to rush through it making avoidable mistakes.

 Coming Next: Reading and Colored Overlays


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