Community College vs. Four-year College or University

Which Way to My...

In high school many students are making plans for themselves after graduation.  Students may choose; a four-year institutions, community college, a technical school, the military, and many will simply enter the workforce.  This generation of students are very tech savvy, and put more trust into the internet than the people around them offering advise.  Some students may check out a website like MyFuture.Com or another online guidance offering site.  There is a lot to think about when transitioning from high school to higher education or the work force. For people with learning disabilities this can be especially tough as we wean ourselves from our protective parents and caregivers to begin experiencing the world for a bit at a time.

Unlocking Potential

I was given a copy of Barbara Scheiber and Jeanne Talpers‘ book called Unlocking Potential College and Other Choices for Learning Disabled People A Step by Step Guide when I was new at Truckee Meadows Community College.  I have kept it all these years and still refer back to it when I need a little extra direction.  On page 41 they have listed a table of expected positive and negative events any student could experience  when choosing a; “Local Two-Year College, Four-Year College (away from home), Military Service, Full-Time Employment, and a Two-year Vocational Education Program.”  You can buy a copy of this resource online at your favorite retailer.  When I was debating transferring to the university, I referred back to chapter to help me build a list of questions then made an appointment at the Disability Resource Center to talk about transferring.  this process realty eased the stress of taking on something new without my mother at my side.  All I had to do was start, persevere and now I am planning to graduate within the year.

College Bound

For me I chose the local community college, and eventually transferred to the university.  My journey has an amazing adventure exceeding my wildest dreams of enjoyment and achievement.  I thought about he military and a getting a vocational automobile mechanic certification program, I tried my hand at being a machinist and financial services.  It was not until I was active in the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, I realized I loved people, business management, and wanted to pursue a higher degree to share my passion as a teacher.

Coming Next:The Magic of Work Study


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