Getting Ready to Study

When it comes to studying, I have a ritual to calm my body, so I can settle down and open my mind.  I typically begin by doing a load of dishes and stating a load of laundry.  My particular washing machine has a extra rinse feature, which buzzes when it has finished. This provides me  22 and 45 minutes between loads to focus my energy on my studies.  Some days it takes a few loads of laundry, dusting the furniture, petting my cat,  and lot of pacing before I am ready to study.

My brain is more alert and wants to learn from about 9:00 pm to 2:00 am. My study quality has a lot to do with the time of day I choose to study.  For some they are more fresh in the morning, thus are more productive earlier in the day, where as there are other night owls like myself.  Sometimes, I ju8st cannot wind down enough to be a productive  student.  In this case, if I can put off my studying or homework for until the next day, I will set and easily obtainable goal then allow myself time to watch TV or go tinker in the garage.

If I am unable to allow myself time off then I draw a bath of with Eucalyptus and Spearmint Epson Salt.  The aroma makes it easier to breather deeply.  I place a large acrylic board across the facet side of the tub, and proceed with my hands-on-learning assignments.  Any digital learning will simply have to wait until and I am finished.    The smell aroma of the salt coupled with the warmth and support of the bath water helps me to relaxed enough to study.

You Tube

Image from YouTube-Meditation Music

I also love to drown out the worries and distractions around me by listening to meditation music with sound canceling headphone.  I find deep breathing also helps me prepare to study.  For people like me, who experience hyperactivity settling down to watch a movie, make arts and crafts or study is a big task.  The ability to calm myself makes a world of difference in my life everyday.  These skills allow me to blend into public activities with minimal anxiety, and lower my frustrations making me a nicer person to be around.

Coming Next: Productive Studying Techniques


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